Buyer Beware: Chemicals Are Everywhere

Buyer beware!

Buyer beware!

I recently ran into another business in a long line of businesses claiming that all of their products are chemical-free.  Their product line includes many of the products that I make as well, and I know with great confidence that they are not, in fact, chemical-free.

Let’s start this conversation by getting a few facts out in the open.  1) Chemicals are everywhere.  Seriously, everywhere.  Water is a chemical.  Oxygen is a chemical.  Our bodies are made up of chemicals.  2) There are chemicals that are good for our bodies, neutral for our bodies, and bad for our bodies.

Every soap on the market contains chemicals.  From the soaps commonly found in your local supermarket to melt-and-pour soap to hot or cold process soap, they all have chemicals.  Even if you are simply melting a pre-made soap base and pouring it into shapes or molds with colors and fragrances, chemicals were used in the production of that soap and the soap is still made of chemicals.  With a well-made bar of soap, those chemicals are now safe for use on the human body, but they are nonetheless still there.

Likewise, fragrance oils and essential oils contain chemicals.  All of them.  Even your two major multi-level marketing essential oil companies readily admit that they contain chemicals.

Please, don’t fall for the marketing traps used by businesses claiming that their products are chemical-free.  They may be as natural as possible, but they are most certainly not chemical free.